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Do as others have done and fall in love with 'Ben'.

Available as Paperback and - Kindle for just 99cents.

 This grand novel is set amoungst the glorious hills of Rathdowney, where the water runs cool and clear over grey boulders and where the fragrance of the Mallotus bush always fills the air, Ben is the enthralling story of Ben Marston - a warm, kind-hearted man, strong of hand and nature and respected by all. He brings sunshine into the lives of his family and friends, or any stranger who might need a hand.

Cora Brantly is a woman of courage and determination, who returns after seven years, brought back by her love of home. Cradled by the strength of the Marston family, she learns how to breathe and live again as she strives to build a solid future on the land for herself and her two sons, Nait and Coby - the product of a love she once shared with Ben's brother.

This book is an exciting and unforgetable must read for anyone who understands the joys and hardships, the passion ans beauty fo love, and the land, or has ever just enjoyed a Sunday afternoon's drive in the country.

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Discover more excitement in    'As Deep as the River Flows'      (a trilogy)

Available as Paperback & Kindle

A book of three stories.

As Deep as the River Flows: is the grand finale to the novel 'Ben'. In this book the reader discovers what happens when trust is broken and an untimely tragedy strikes. With even more adventures on the land, at the Rodeo, and in romance this story stands alone as well as being a brilliant conclusion with a twist.

Foreign Fields: Another story with it's roots planted firmly in the country and following the life of an upstanding who have lied on their farm for generations. But there is a secret being kept.... Who will put the pieces together? Who already knows?

The Trolley Guy: Set largely in an underground car park, this story is quite different to the other stories in the book. Car racing on a back road, a family business, two unlikely thieves and when body meets concrete, be prepared to let your imagination run wild....



'Life Love & Boundary Fences' is a fun collection of Poetry & Short Stories spanning from the bush, to the trucking industry and rodeo.

Available as Paperback & Kindle  


 * now with 8 bonus poems

Slow down for the gully,  Shiftin' through the gears.  Ridin' over wash outs,  To pick up fattened steers


Mussel and Blood, the Watoozie Special,  Charlie Sampson and Deep Springs,  Bustin' out and buckin' hard.  Liftin' clowns out of the ring


Sam handed his father the note, and his father taking the letter in his blackened hand read it.   "Uh." his father grunted. "What did Dennis look like?"


Sam shrugged his shoulder as kids do when they don't know the right answer, but his father wasn't content. "Did he have any bruises?" Ian asked. Nah, don't think so. Sam answered sheepishly. "Well then." Ian said handing the note back to his son. "Looks like you might be in need of a few lessons." "But the teacher," that was all that Sam managed to say. "Bugger the teacher." Ian told him. "Every night after dinner I'll teach you. All of you." he said turning his glance back towards his eldest. "I won't have no boy of mine licked in a fight."


Er through flickering stars a bright,  Wandering silently through the night 

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